There is no fee for kids to participate in 88CHARLIES, and it is open to youth aged
12 - 18 years. Parents are always welcome to work alongside their child during the workshops. In addition to promoting practical applications of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, students can also exchange classroom hours for flight lessons with our certified flight instructors. 



Participating in 88CHARLIES is an exciting opportunity to learn hands-on skills. In this program you will have the chance to meet and make new friends, work with vintage aircraft, and earn credit towards flight lessons.  

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Participating in 88CHARLIES gives kids the opportunity to put their knowledge to work with a hands-on learning experience. This program entails working closely with tools, machinery, and aircraft. While 88CHARLIES makes every effort to minimize risk, you as a parent must realize that due to the nature and scope of this program, some risks are inherent. 

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